KyK iPhone App for Zenoss Event Acknowledgement Screenshot

Zenoss from your iPhone

KyK is a mobile app for Zenoss, the enterprise IT and Cloud infrastructure monitoring solution. KyK was designed to serve a simple need, that to allow events and alerts within Zenoss to be quickly and easily acknowledged by IT Operations staff on the move.

Zenoss is empowered with a number of alerting and escalating methods, but they all require acknowledgement. With KyK you can acknowledge events quickly and simply from your iPhone (Android and Windows Phone under development).

In addition KyK allows you the ability to view existing, active, events and to view event logs - again all from the portability of your mobile device.


  • View active Zenoss Events
  • Instantly Acknowledge Events
  • Filter Events on Severity
  • View Event Logs
  • Request Support from In-App

KyK Platforms

  • iOS (iPod, iPhone & iPad)
  • Android (In Active Beta)
  • Windows Phone (In Active Beta)